EvoPod 7-10″


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  • 8″-11″ height measurement based on average rifle, from ground level to the center of the bore.
  • 4″ height with legs at 45 degrees
  • Non rotational legs, and pivots. All aspects of the leg assemblies will be non-rotational.
  • Receptacles on the bottom of all legs that accept QD spikes and allow stacking of legs. This really opens up options for leg lengths and accessories.
  • Refined main body with the ability to attach a Picatinny rail on the bottom. As well as a flush cup for QD slings etc.
  • Removable legs
  • Weighs 12 oz.
  • Locking Quick Detach Attachment
  • 20 Degree Pivoting Head with lever lock leg Positions 0,45,90,125, and 180 degrees
  • Light carbon fiber legs and accessories
  • Spring loaded extending legs