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The RMP Custom Hunting Rifle Collection: Choose Your Companion


Timeless Elegance

Our Classic model is the flagship of RMP Rifles, embodying the timeless elegance of traditional hunting while incorporating state-of-the-art precision. This is where our journey started and our commitment to quality shines through.


Light Ti

Agile Performance

The Light TI Rifle represents a confluence of advanced technology and the enduring demands of hunting. This exceptional firearm is the embodiment of precision and portability, weighing just under 5lbs, it’s designed for swift and agile handling across any terrain.


Dangerous Game

Fearless Power

Built for the bold, the Dangerous Game model delivers unparalleled power for the most thrilling hunts. Face the wildest challenges with unwavering confidence.


Our Rifles Were Built for the Rockies, Primed for the Alaskan Tundra, and Perfected for the African Safari.


Our Promise of Quality to You…

Why would one choose Rocky Mountain Precision Rifles (RMP Rifles)? It’s in our name…With over 20 years experience in the hunting/firearm/shooting industry, we know what it takes to create precision in a rifle. Precision is the repeatability, or reproducibility of a measurement. In addition to being precise, our rifles are also Accurate. Our rifles offer precise and accurate long range solutions for all your hunting and tactical needs.

We take pride in what we build and strive to create the highest quality product you can buy. At RMP we believe you get what you pay for.  We only use the highest quality products that have been tested and proven in big game hunting and on the battlefield.

  • We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all our rifles
  • Every RMP Rifle comes with a less than or equal to 1/2” MOA guarantee.
  • We create a custom load for every rifle… each Rifle has its own personality and we take the time to tune the ammo to match the barrel
  • We offer reloading services if you don’t do it yourself, just send us your fired brass and we will match the original load
  • We break-in and shoot every rifle we build to ensure Precision and Accuracy
  • Each and every action is bedded and pillared in the stock.
  • When you buy a Rifle you will be eligible for a discounted rate on our training course.
  • Every Rifle Comes with 50rnds of custom loaded ammo
  • When compared to our competitors we offer more for less…


The Classic model is a testament to the timeless elegance of traditional hunting. Expertly handcrafted, this rifle offers unparalleled precision and smooth operation. Designed for those who appreciate heritage and reliability, Classic is ideal for a diverse range of hunts, from tracking deer in the forest to pursuing game in the plains.

Light Ti
The Light Ti model is the epitome of advanced technology meeting the rigors of hunting. Uniquely lightweight yet robust, this rifle is designed for swift, agile handling across challenging terrains, making it your perfect companion for the demanding conditions of the Alaskan Tundra or the rocky landscapes of the Rockies.

Dangerous Game
The Dangerous Game model is all about power and resilience. Purpose-built for the bravest hunts, it handles the world’s largest and most dangerous game with fearless authority. Whether you’re tracking a lion in the African savannah or facing a grizzly in the wilds of Alaska, the Dangerous Game rifle is your trusted ally for the ultimate hunting experience.

Out here, you don’t get any second chances.