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How often should I clean my rifle?

We recommend cleaning approximately every 20-25 rounds fired. Carbon build-up in a barrel will drastically affect the
long range performance and accuracy of the rifle (especially on magnum cartridges). Our recommended cleaning procedure
is in our Owner’s Manual. Some recommended products that are very effective for removing carbon are Hoppe’s #9,
IOSSO paste, SLIP 2000 Carbon Killer, Bore Tech C4, Wipe Out, etc… It helps to run a wet patch of Hoppe’s #9, then
dry patch out your bore approximately every 10 rounds to prevent excessive carbon build-up and carbon rings.

Do I need to check my zero in each location I hunt?

Yes, you should always check your zero prior to each hunt in the location of where you are hunting. A zero should be
obtained on a cold bore shot. You should also check all of your mounting screws on your scope to ensure nothing has
come loose over time. Although, we tighten all screws to torque specs and use loc-tite sometimes they may come loose.

Should I clean my rifle before my hunt?

Yes, and No… We recommend cleaning your rifle before your hunt but you will want to fire about 5 rounds through your
rifle prior to going into the field. Shots fired through a clean bore may represent different velocities and points of
impact. Once the bore is slightly fouled the velocities and point of impact should stabilize for the next 15-20 rounds.

Where should my zero be?

We recommend zeroing your rifle approximately 1/4-1/2 MOA left of the center and elevation at zero. In most hunting
situations you may not think about spin drift and it might potentially be enough to make a complete miss at some
distances. For example, on a 28 Nosler at 700 yards you might have almost 1/2MOA of spin drift which equates to 3.5″,
if you do not compensate for this it may equal either a bad shot or complete miss.

Are your rifle barrels threaded?

Yes, ALL of our rifle barrels come threaded standard 5/8-24 (depending on barrel muzzle diameter, some might be
9/16-24). The muzzle brakes are a standard feature and included in the price. We can also make a thread protector if
you choose to not have a muzzle brake and deduct $100 from the total price.

What happens after I place an order and make a deposit online?

A member of our sales team will call you within three business days to go over options you have selected and confirm
the order. Your deposit will be non-refundable after 5 business days from placing the order. We realize this is a big
purchase for most people and will take the time to ensure the options you have chosen match your needs.

What is the lead-time on a rifle build?

Our lead-times right now vary between 4-6 months on a new build. In-Stock rifles vary between 1-4 weeks depending if
Cerakote has already been done or not. We will also perform a complete custom build with options not included or
listed on our website. Lead time on those rifles will vary from 4-12 months depending on options and availability of

Why does a cold clean bore shoot differently or not group well on some rifles?

This has a lot to do with barrel fouling and harmonics. Most rifles/barrels will take a few shots to “settle-in” on a
cold clean bore due to barrel fouling. As rounds are fired through a barrel copper and carbon deposits are made in the
barrel known as fouling. Some barrels foul quicker than others and reach their sweet spot or stabilize (generally
2-7rounds). Once the barrel has fouled after cleaning you can expect consistent groups and velocity until the barrel
gets dirty with excessive carbon build-up, then it is time to clean again (generally within 20-25 rounds on magnum
cartridges). All barrels are different and some will shoot very well and keep consistent groups on a cold clean bore.
As the barrel gets dirty you will start to notice increased velocity and if shooting long-range you begin to notice
you be hitting higher than normal.


It is good to know where your rifle will shoot on cold bore shots. On some rifles cold bore shots may differ from
other shots in a group due to Thermal Expansion of the barrel. It is just plain physics and relates to the molecular
properties of the material the barrel is made out of. For example, some barrels might shoot 1/2MOA high or low on a
cold bore shot then the rest of the group might be less than 1/2MOA group size. We recommend zeroing on a cold bore
shot for hunting rifle because you will most likely have a cold bore shot on game in a hunting situation. Then if you
know your rifle you might need to add 1/2MOA to a follow-up shot.

Out here, you don’t get any second chances.